Meet Sally + Connect

Hi, I’m Sally Anne Carroll, life and career coach, writer, business owner, strategist — and fervent believer in practical reinvention.

I believe in living intentionally. Creating what you want. Living life with joy, positivity and meaning. Being mindful, purposeful and full of integrity.

When you do that, you inspire and empower others to do it, too. And life gets really, really good.

I’m all about redefining success on your terms, creating real work-life balance and building the lifestyle that leaves you happy and fulfilled.

It starts with knowing yourself. Taking care of yourself. Understanding what you want and what truly matters to you. Working your strengths. And taking a stand for all of it.

You can dream it, design it… and then live it.

I know a bit about this because I’ve done it. I’ve been through the personal and professional transformation thing. My clients have done it. And I’ve spent years investigating the art and science of how to make it happen.

Once, an unexpected triple-whammy in my personal life left life as I knew it barely recognizable. I got clear, moved across the country and built something new. I learned to listen to myself, use my strengths, think bolder and nurture what mattered most.

Once, I was successful but stressed in my communications career. I left to pursue a dream: starting my own consulting business around something I love and believe in: authentic, strengths-based marketing and content creation. (You can learn more about the select communications work I do with businesses and nonprofits here).

Then, after diving deep into coaching, strengths development and applied positive psychology with some of the best coach training and teachers around, I started this– my second business– around my longtime passion.

Today, I’m an ICF-credentialled coach who is passionate about each of us taking control of our lives and careers and intentionally creating what fulfills us, based on our individual strengths, values and priorities.

I’m grateful and inspired to do work I love, where I want, when I want. I enjoy my beautiful, intentional and vibrant life, even when it doesn’t look like someone else’s (especially then). I prioritize time and space for what I find fun and nourishing.

That’s my definition of success. What’s yours?

(I’m serious. I want to know. Connect with me and tell me about your ideal blend of life + work. Share your vision. And let me know if you want to figure that out together.)

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