Goal setting

Have it your way: rethinking your rules

“I think where I am having trouble is that I don’t play by the rules,” Jane* said to me last week.

“Congratulations,” I responded. “Which rules are those?”

I’ve been scolded for not “playing by the rules” myself, so I get it. And like Jane, I used to think this was a problem.

Not playing by the rules was not at all what was causing Jane trouble. The problem was that she wasn’t defining the rules that she was willing to play by.

In fact, a lot of what happens in personal and professional growth is about examining and understanding our rules.

Designing your life, creating work that excites you, and crafting your own work-life blend all require you to pay attention and make conscious decisions about which rules you are following and which you’re not. It’s also about making up (and breaking) your own rules where necessary.

Rules can be incredibly empowering.

They can also be stifling. The choice is yours.

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Imagining an empowered new year

As I have packed my belongings up in boxes and suitcases over the past several weeks, the new year has seemed to start a little early.

The promise of a new year brings a natural close and a fresh start. So does the end and beginning of a new day. And embracing and committing to new and unfolding pieces of your life.

Endings and beginnings are a time of fullness and possibility. And one always comes with the other. Tag-team style.

It’s when we take a look back and view the highlight reel. We revel (and indulge) in our favorite seasonal traditions. And we make all kinds of promises to ourselves as we start January with a clean slate. Continue Reading