Rest, renewal and celebration

snoopy's holiday relaxationIt’s been an intentionally restful entry to the holiday season so far.

Finishing up my work and my shopping. Hopping a plane to enjoy relaxed time with family and friends. Taking walks in the woods. And planning all of the fun visits I expect to have over my annual holiday break.

 A few things feel very clear.

First, how happy I am for shifts that I’ve chosen to make in my perspective, goals and actions to get to a place where I am continually creating what matters to me, feeling cared for, contributing and having fun.

Second, how grateful I am to have many people in my life who I genuinely look forward to spending time with and who enrich my life in different ways.

Third, how important it is to have what I call “peaceful” time carved out on the calendar.

Everyone’s definition of peace is unique. What feels restful and peaceful to me may not feel that way for you. But the results– physically and emotionally– of taking that time are too many to count. Continue Reading

15 ways to wake up at home and work

wake upWe get to choose how we live our lives.

For some, this statement brings up all kinds of uncomfortable feelings. It comes with a lot of question marks. Some raised eyebrows. Some hell yeahs.

Often, when I say it, I can feel the resistance. Why do we resist? Perhaps it’s that hearing what we can do shows us pretty clearly where we are not doing that. Perhaps it’s just a scary thought. Perhaps we don’t really know that it is, in fact, up to us.

It doesn’t really matter why. What matters most is whether we actually want to choose.

The way to dramatically improve the quality of your life or your career is to own it.

Having the success we want means fully waking up to what we’re creating every day. At work and at home. It means putting one foot in front of the other each day in conscious awareness of where we are and who we are being and why.
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