Your best year, your way

simon-migaj-432653Will this be your best year yet? It could be.

What I want for you is to create the year that YOU want. To have a deep knowing of what that is, what that looks like and to choose that for yourself.

No resolutions required.

It’s time to get out your journals, your vision boards, spreadsheets and thinking caps. Find your quiet place, your productive place, your happy place.

I’m going to share a few strategies to experiment with as you start your year. All of them have been road-tested by my clients over the years and they all are designed to help you create more fulfillment, more clarity, and more of what matters to you this year.

Let’s begin. Before you do anything else, do this:

Ask yourself smart questions. What do you really want this year to be for you, and equally important, why? What would you most like to experience? Where would you like to see progress on an important goal or vision? What changes would you like to make (knowing that “none” is a perfectly acceptable answer)? What contribution feels important to make right now?

Gaining clarity on what you really want from the year ahead is the foundation of making plans, goals and decisions that feel meaningful and fulfilling. Spend the time. These questions can be more challenging to answer than they seem. Until you’ve done this, don’t touch that planner.

And when you know what you want, try these:

Focus on a big quarterly stretch goal. Choose something meaningful and of consequence for you and make it the cornerstone of your scheduling and planning. If you’ve got room for more, add one or two more. Then focus on what matters and feel free to ignore all the shiny things. They are not for you, right now. Continue Reading