7 responses to “Even superheroes need rest (or why self care matters)”

  1. Blaze

    Rest, relaxation, and meditation at a 12–I’m eager to hear more about that!

    Today I’m resting…enjoying Oprah’s LifeClass and reading great blogs like yours.

  2. Joanna Weston

    I’m very eager to hear more about this! Today, I intend to practice self-care by doing one thing at a time, instead of trying to interweave 2 or 3 tasks into the same 15 minutes. Also, by taking some quiet time to sew, and maybe listen to music.

  3. Debra Smouse

    I just returned from my sabbatical and REST was high on my list of take-aways that is missing in my day-to-day. One of my vows is that – in addition to going to bed at a decent time – is to sit down over breakfast every day – and to take a real lunch break – away from my desk (and the computer).

    We need fuel – good food, good sleep, and some exercise – to function at our best. And no one can do any of those things for us!

  4. Katie McClain

    Sally- my husband used to gently kick me out of the house to see a movie, get a pedicure or go shopping. He did it for him and me. It always helped. I now know on my own when it’s time to rest. I feel empty. So I stop. I read, or meditate or sit or make time for friends. I could still do better by creating a regular routine of rest.

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