5 responses to “Taking it to 12: 10 ways to deepen self care”

  1. Blaze

    A smart, timely. and clever take on self care. And yes, no leaves more room for yes, and maybe, and thank you, and ahhhh!

  2. Joanna Z. Weston

    I’ve been thinking a lot about self-care lately, so this is perfect timing! I think you are right that people tend to conflate self-care with pampering, and while pampering is a form of self-care, it is far from the only one.

  3. Yvette Syversen | Business Leverage Expert

    I absolutely LOVE this post!! Self- Care goes way way beyond a one hour massage – so true!! Great post, Sally!

  4. Square-Peg Karen

    Sally, I LOVE this post! And I think you’ve covered everything.

    If I HAD to pick one more thing I’d add music: music (different kinds for different moods/experiences) gets behind words, behind thoughts, behind everything – and can open us up so much (I once watched a dear, aphasic patient SING when a music therapist played a song that the patient must’ve loved in earlier years). But this probably comes under #7 – Smiles. What a great list!!

    Also, love that you said self-care is not pampering.

  5. An

    Love this Sally! So agree with you that self care is not being selfish. And that it’s so much more than getting a massage or taking a couple of days off. It’s saying yes to yourself. (And where needed no to others). Great post!

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