The Big Picture

We’re not talking self-help. We’re talking about our own personal revolutions.

You really can live and work in the way you dream of doing. You can have success your way.

You can have time for work and play and rest. You can leave the office on time (or shut the door, for we home office types).

You can be a different kind of leader, personally and professionally.

You can make changes you crave – big ones and small ones.

You can dust off that dream and get to it.

You can finish that big project.

You can do it all with integrity. You can have fun doing it. And you can thrive.

We’re all different – different backgrounds, strengths, personalities. Different goals, priorities and challenges.

My success won’t look like your success. And your definition of balance won’t be the same as your best friend’s or the guy in the next cubicle.

You can absolutely have what you want. But we’re not all going to get there the same way.

That’s why, as a coach and strategist, I’m focused on helping you define things for yourself, figure out what fuels you and how you can show up with more of “you” every single day.

A few things to think about.

  • Life is amazing when we create more of what we want. But we must believe that it’s possible and start acting like it, too.
  • Our greatest gifts are shared when we take extremely good, loving care of ourselves. (And no, that’s not selfish.)
  • Work-life balance is no mystery. It’s the choice and commitment to define what really matters to us, set our own priorities and blend accordingly.
  • We can’t design our life or our career with someone else’s plan or blueprint.
  • When we pay attention, our bodies tell us exactly how our lives (or our jobs or relationships) are working.
  • Coaching shifts mindsets and motivates action. And that, my friend, is powerful stuff.

How it works

As a credentialed coach, I rely on proven coaching and strategic planning methodologies to support your process, your explorations and your results. We’ll get clear on your strengths and your desires, be strategic and take action.

My own strengths and values come to the table: having fun, getting grounded, harnessing intuition, story telling and re-telling, exploring new perspectives, asking why — and why not.

We’ll be a great fit if you want to…

  • Dive deep and reinvent yourself, in your career or personally
  • Kick burnout to the curb
  • Get crystal clear on what you really want and how to get it
  • Create real-life “balance” and wellness (finally!)
  • Have a vision for your life and career that leads to clear and practical action – and results
  • Design your ideal lifestyle or business and start living (or working) it
  • Better understand your real values, strengths and priorities – and how to make them work for you
  • Communicate effectively who you are and what you bring to the table

I work with a limited number of clients at a time – for a high level of attention and support. As your coach, I’ll blend up a custom mix of assessments, explorations and resources to support your success.

Current offerings include personal life + career coaching, one-off strategy sessions and the six-week Launch Your Reinvention kickstart program.

It’s your time. Let’s get started!

Take a look at my calendar and book yourself in.