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Launch Your Reinvention

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Six weeks. Three steps.
One giant leap forward.

It’s time to stop talking about what needs to be different. At work. At home.

It’s time to make it happen.

That’s where Launch Your Reinvention comes in.

It’s a 6-week online course that offers a simple, do-able– and powerful– way to start to create what you want in your work and life in a way that connects you to who you really are and what truly matters to you.

You’ll dig deep to identify what you want to create for yourself, choose the place to begin, and step firmly onto the path of getting it (yes, you will take action).

This course is about building the foundation for a real-life reinvention step-by-step by making real changes that stick.

It’s a fully self-guided exploration to help you discover and move towards reinventing your lifestyle and work style in a sustainable, practical way.

What do I mean by “reinvention”?

The simple (yet not always easy) act of building this foundation under you will reinvent how you think about what’s next — and what’s possible — for you. And it will give you practical tools to go get it.

I know from experience… when you identify that one area that’s your “next step” in creating the life and work blend you desire, you get clear on what success looks like for you (not someone else) and you start taking even the smallest steps in that direction, everything starts to feel different.

You can expect to unleash your stuck energy, get clarity on what you want to create, start doing it and walk away with a repeatable process that you can put to work towards your bigger vision.

How it works

  • Paced weekly learning and exploration that fits your busy schedule
  • Action-oriented exploration to get your ideas out of your head and into the world
  • Thoughtful, grounded steps to be sure you’re taking action that matters, not spinning your wheels
  • Proven guided processes with a focus on you and your situation.
  • Steps and strategies that will change your game — you can’t unlearn them!
  • Each week builds upon the next so that you know exactly what you need to do next and why it matters
  • Weekly reflection, action, and a playbook to help you connect your dots

You’ll leave with

  • An inspired vision for the work and lifestyle you want to create
  • A clear understanding of your strengths, values and priorities
  • Valuable insight into what makes you tick, what makes you happy and how you define success (your new non-negotiables)
  • Clear direction on where to focus first
  • A strong “I can do this” mindset + a sustainable action plan
  • A framework you can put to use again and again
  • Personal insight and discoveries to impact all parts of your life.


Praise for the Dream it. Design it. Live it. process at the heart of this course.

“Sally brings fresh insights, and is gifted at breaking down intimidating ideas into doable steps. She provides honest feedback and creative suggestions. With her coaching, I was able to consider opportunities I would not have otherwise.”

Our coaching sessions were invaluable in helping me put my life and work into perspective. I created a small business plan, built a website, and enacted a marketing strategy. I am now building a business in a field that is a good fit for me. Sally also helped me to recognize important life goals, and take concrete steps to realize those goals.”

“I was ready to start something of my own, but I hadn’t a clue what to do or how to identify what I really wanted. Sally guided me through skills and strengths identification and helped me dig down and discover what was really important in crafting this next phase of my life. I’ve always felt like her main concern is my success. I wouldn’t have gotten to this exciting chapter without her!”

“My thought before our first coaching session: where do I even begin to discuss or decide what’s best for me as I make major life changes? Thank you again, Sally, I’m now living a better designed life.”

“My goals changed throughout the program because I was experiencing so many major changes in my life. Sally really helped me to achieve all of my ever-changing goals.”

“I realized that, yes, I can do this. I can create the life I want to be living.”


Is this for you?

YES. If you want to make changes in your lifestyle or your career, and aren’t sure where to start.

YES. If you know that something needs to change and you haven’t nailed down what that looks like.

  • finding or creating work that feels more fulfilling
  • making a big move– physically or emotionally
  • re-aligning your work life with your strengths and priorities
  • creating practical, healthy and sanity-saving work-life balance
  • building a lifestyle that gives you more of what you really want
  • starting on that dream project you’ve been fantasizing about
  • creating more fulfillment at work and at home

YES. If you love the idea of being guided, challenged and supported as you figure it all out.

YES. If you’re excited by the possibility of having what you want and are ready to do something proven and practical to create it.


Course Content

Week #1 Dream it : What You Want, Why You Want It

Envision the changes you want to make. How will this fit into the bigger dream for your life? You will dive deep to:

  • Get honest with yourself about all of your desires
  • Uncover the underlying values that drive you
  • Get clear on not just what, but why
Week #2 Dream it : Your Vision

Envision the changes you want to make. How will this fit into the bigger dream for your life? You will discover:

  • Your compelling big-picture vision
  • Your unique definition of success
  • What psychology tells us about what’s possible for us
Week #3 Design It : Your Plan of Attack

Begin to make the imagined real with a solid, personalized plan of action. You will identify:

  • Your chosen starting point – the launch pad
  • Natural strengths to help you create what you want
  • The start of your Simple Reinvention Plan
Week #4 Design It : Reality Testing

Knowing what could stop you and what could move you forward — and reality-test your plan for success. You will create:

  • Strategies to move you past potential obstacles
  • The support you need to keep moving forward
  • Forward momentum by testing your plan
Week #5 Live It : Getting Into Action

Reach into your vision with inspired, grounded, imperfect steps. You will develop:

  • Clearly defined next steps
  • Milestones to track your progress
  • Trust in using what naturally motivates you
Week #6 Live it : Celebrate & Savor

Use evidence-based practices to keep you in momentum, while you enjoy the process. You will learn to:

  • Slow down and anchor your accomplishments
  • Savor what’s now while building what’s next
  • Give to yourself in gratitude