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Nourish for Self Care + Well Being

A self-guided online program to help you dial your self care (finally) and improve your well being

The evidence is in that focusing on your well being is the best investment you can make. It’s time to figure out what you need and commit yourself to simple self care strategies that work for your busy life.

When you take good care of your body, mind, spirit and environment, you create an unshakeable foundation of well being that fuels everything you do.

You’re more productive. More effective. More creative. More energized.

You’re less stressed. Less resentful. Less overwhelmed.

And you feel a whole lot better.

Unfortunately, too many of us push off even the most basic self care because we think we’re too busy. We’re convinced that we’re the general manager of our universe and life will come to a halt if we stop to meet our own needs. We put ourselves last. We may even secretly believe we’re not worth that investment.

That’s what Nourish is all about.

In 4 weeks, you’ll let go of old ideas about what’s possible, what’s practical and what’s necessary.

You’ll create a habit of practical self care that nourishes your mind, body and spirit—and create an environment that supports you in that mission.

This is a self-guided exploration, and that’s by design. Finding what’s nourishing to you is a process of learning, practice and reflection. This course will give you the tools to go inward and to take action. It will also encourage you to focus on what feels good to you, not to adopt a set of practices that you think you should be doing (how exhausting!).

Nourish is built on the knowledge that you know what’s best for you, it’s just that life sometimes gets in the way.

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The full 4-week self study course $99




The full 4-week self study course plus three 30-minute private coaching sessions to use as needed. $399


How it works

Each week, you’ll access a focused learning module, whenever it fits your schedule.

You’ll have practical daily challenges that stretch you towards your vision of self care, and fit easily into a busy schedule.

You can pick and choose, but trying them all is recommended. Expand your comfort zone, experiment and find what works for you.

Use your downloadable playbook to track what you’ve tried, what you discovered and what you’re committing to going forward.

Want a little Extra?

Sign up for Nourish Extra if you want to add private coaching sessions for more accountability, structure and personal, confidential support. You’ll get three 30-minute sessions to use within 8 weeks of starting the course. You can schedule them when you need them and use them individually or combine them for a longer session. Whatever best supports you.


Our Focus

  • Week One: Mind
  • Week Two: Body
  • Week Three: Soul
  • Week Four: Environment
  • Wrap-Up: Creating Your Foundation

You’ll leave with…

Proof that taking excellent care of yourself doesn’t have to be difficult or put on the back burner

Inspiration to make nourishment part of your routine—and you’ll know exactly why that matters!

New ideas to manage your energy, refuel your mind, body & spirit

Action steps to build a more supportive environment around you

Firsthand experience of least 20 nourish strategies, so you know what really works

A clear and do-able plan to integrate more nourishment into your life every day

This is especially for you, if…

You’re crazy busy all the time and you don’t know how to stop.

You’re stressed and burning out at work and at home.

You’re overwhelmed by all the things you think you need to be doing.

You’d love to make self-care (aka meeting your important needs) a priority, but believe that you don’t have the time or aren’t sure what you need.

You’re feeling depleted and low energy instead of balanced and energized.

You’re ready to take action, try out proven strategies and create new habits that will nourish and fuel you. Because you know it will change everything.