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Strategy Sessions

New Year Strategy Session

Close out your year and kick off what’s next for you with a solid strategy.

In a fun + focused 90-minute coaching session, we’ll walk together through where you are: what worked, what didn’t and what you’re carrying with you into the new year. And we’ll get hyper focused on where you most want to go in 2018 and what you most want to create for yourself.

You’ll walk away with clear intention and a simple action plan to start your new year right.

You’l also have a 30-minute follow up call to use later to check in, make any tweaks or get feedback. (Most people use this a few weeks later, once they’ve had time to settle in with their new year focus.)

If this is a reinvention year for you, if you’re ready to make some serious changes, or you find yourself spinning your wheels when it comes to making a plan to create what you want, this is perfect for you.

Investment: $395

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Know Your Own Strengths

Whether changing careers or becoming a stronger contributor at work and at home, your strengths are the most effective toolbox you can have.

We simply work and live better when we are in the flow of using our natural strengths. Perform better. Have more vitality and natural energy.

In these fun, focused and energizing 90-minute coaching sessions, we’ll assess and dig into your natural strengths. We’ll look at how you use them (or don’t) and how you can develop them even further.

You’ll start with a comprehensive assessment of your strengths and walk away with a clear and inspiring plan to develop and better use your natural strengths.

It’s time for you to know (and own) your own strength. Let’s put them to work for you.

Investment: $395

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