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The Momentum Club

Sometimes an intensive, deep dive isn’t what you need.

Maybe it’s accountability to keep after your goals, a confidential sounding board to talk through an important issue, a new perspective or just-in-time coaching to tackle a problem.

That’s where The Momentum Club comes in.

It’s affordable, laser-focused coaching support in up to two 30-minute coaching sessions per month, along with a monthly check-in Club email to keep you growing and in momentum.

How it works

Each month, you’ll have early access to my calendar to schedule two 30-minute coaching sessions. These sessions are designed for focused coaching on a specific topic. (As always, all coaching is confidential.)

At the start of the month, you will receive a Club check-in email that includes the calendar link to schedule your Club sessions along with short inspiration and action-oriented content. (Think success strategies. Short + sweet.)

You will schedule your sessions during available office hours. Sessions must be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance and used within the month. They don’t roll over.

During your membership, you’ll receive a 20% Club discount on any additional Strategy Sessions, Programs, Products or Coaching Packages.

You can stay for as long as you need and cancel your membership whenever you like.

(Limited to 12 Club members at a time because there is only one of me.)

If any of this is true for you, this will be a good fit:

We’ve coached together before and you’d love ongoing check-ins and/or laser coaching to keep up momentum.

You’d love to have “just in time” laser coaching for those times when life happens and you need to work it out.

You would benefit from having regular accountability and a confidential sounding board to run your ideas by,

You like knowing that there’s affordable coaching support readily available to you if/when you need it.

You’re new to coaching and want to experience how it might support you at home and at work.


Your Investment

Join The Momentum Club 


Consider a coaching package instead if…

You are going through a major transition and need to figure out what’s next.

You want a more comprehensive coaching experience, including assessments, tools and email access.